Image-Guided Medical Robotics Lab

Michigan Robotics Kellogg Eye Center

Active Projects

The IGMR Lab has multiple on-going projects related to medical robotics and imaging.

Robotic Optical Coherence Tomography

We develop autonomous robotic systems that acquire optically-stabilized optical coherence tomography (OCT) volumes over a large workspace while attenuating residual motion artifact. We explore this technique to expand access to OCT for screening as well as enable OCT imaging in new patient populations and clinical settings.

Surgical Navigation in 3D

Live intraoperative 3D imaging unlocks new viewpoints for surgeons but quickly causes disorientation if surgeons' hand and viewed tool motions become misaligned. We develop the Arbitrary Viewpoint Robotic Surgery (AVRS) concept which introduces a robotic surgery system between surgeons' hands and tools that preserve performance by maintaining hand-tool alignment.

Adaptive Imaging

Point- and line-scan imaging modalities, such as optical coherence tomography and beamsteering ultrasound, waste effort when scanning the background of sparse scenes. We explore approaches to online adaptive scanning that increase effective imaging throughput by focusing on regions of interest, rather than the full scene.

Data Visualization

Densely-sampled volumetric datasets, like those produced with optical coherence tomography, present challenges in data visualization. We address such challenges in surgeon situational awareness and in virtual reality environments.

Soft Robot Face Mask

Standard-of-care face masks require continuous application of force and healthcare provider attention in order to maintain position over the nose/mouth and avoid large leaks. We are developing a soft robotic face mask for respiratory support that self-seals to the patient’s face without any provider intervention.

Open Source Software

We develop and maintain the vortex open-source software project to facilitate rapid development of new, experimental optical coherence tomography systems.